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Blades - Masonry
Brickmaster U-Gullet Deep U-Gullet Core increases speed & smooth cutting of hard materials like hard brick, concrete and clay pavers, roofing tile, and stone.
BrickMaster Stone Blade
Deep, Slanted Gullet - 10mm Deep gullet design with slanted segments increase speed & smooth cutting of hard materials like hard brick, concrete and clay pavers, roofing tile, and various types of stone.
Flush Cut Blade
Specially designed segmented blade with depressed center for flush-cutting near walls and joints. General purpose cutting of all types of masonry, concrete and stone.
Segmented Granite
Segmented Design - 10mm Segments Segmented Blade for Hard Materials - Fast, smooth cutting for Granite, Hard Concrete, Reinforced Concrete and Hard Brick Pavers. Large segments yield longer life.
Silent Core Masonry
Sandwich Core for significant noise reduction. Special segment design for Brick, Block & Stone. High Performance with longer life.
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